Dear Applicant,

Let me congratulate you for selecting GFCS Institute of Fire Safety & Management and being the part of GFCS family dedicated solely for saving people from fire incidents. India in last decade has witnessed a huge growth which has completely changed the geographies of our towns & cities and has increased the skyline of our cities by many folds. We have also seen a drastic improvement in the field of Services Sector as more and more services have been becoming customer oriented. But all this has led to a big GAP in Public Safety and Security services, specially emergency services like Fire Safety. Human life working and residing on upper floors faces a grave risk of Fire incidents. Large Industrial setups and Public Sector offices also face Fire threats everyday as people are not trained enough to deal with fire emergencies.

We at GFCS believe that fire safety is a continuous job and with each passing day the Govt. of India is strengthening the Fire Safety Act and Rules. This has created a huge demand for Fire Professionals and GFCS endeavors to be one of the leading institutes to train and develop Fire Officers & Fire Safety Professionals for India and Abroad. We have association with a wide range of Public Sector Offices and Industrial setups both in India & Abroad and therefore can assure our candidates a good opportunity to get easy and good placements. With our training and curriculum our candidates will be confident enough to face any challenge posed to them.

Being a Fire Officer I have myself faced many soul wrenching situations. One such incident completely changed my life and after that I decided to dedicate my life for Fire Safety and Prevention. I have already imparted free Fire Training to more than 6,00,000 students in various Govt. schools in past 10 years. We are also the first and only company in India to have launched a dedicated Fire Safety Mobile app which will provide user with necessary assistance in case of emergency. Your association with GFCS will be a life changing one and having served Fire Services for past 30 years and then being part of some unique concepts, it gives me immense confidence that students passing out of GFCS will not falter at any phase of life.

All the Best for the Future

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